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Direct Hire

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Direct Hire

Understanding Your HR Needs Better

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Companies that offer direct hire services assess and interview prospective employees before immediately hiring them to work for them. Direct hires are often those workers that specialise in a certain field and are typically challenging to find.

By providing direct hire services to an lbs company, We can help you save important time by assisting with all aspects of recruiting. We will conduct screening, interview rounds, background checks, and checks on the candidate's moral character so that you and your company may choose the applicant who best fits your employment needs from the pool of applicants.


Administration Roles

  • > Traineeship
  • > Apprenticeship
  • > Facilities
  • > Data Entry

Human Resources Roles

  • > Office Coordinator
  • > Receptionist
  • > Facilities
  • > Data Entry

Customer Suport Roles

  • > Office Coordinator
  • > Receptionist
  • > Facilities
  • > Data Entry

How can find direct hiring?

• We thoroughly examine applicants before giving you just those who will be long-term employees. We assist with time-consuming tasks involved in the recruiting process.

• We have access to internal historical data that allows us to quickly get information about qualified prospects. We provide accuracy without sacrificing cost, quality, or timeliness.

• For direct hiring personnel, we offer snapper targeting and prospects according to geography and need.

• We take pride in our hassle-free payment method as a direct hire business. Our hiring techniques are advanced thanks to the guidance and experience we offer.

  • Short Term Hiring
  • Long Term Hiring
  • Immediate Hiring
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Short Term Hiring

Short-term hiring is a process in which an employee is hired on the basis of a specific temporary project of a particular duration.

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Long Term Hiring

Long-term hiring is a process in which a long-term employee is someone who works with a company over an extended period of time.

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Immediate Hiring

It usually means they want to hire someone who starts work immediately.

More Details

Service Advantages

Employees can get training on new skills, and opportunities to learn the job functions from the very first level. Also, This is the way for converting from a temporary to a permanent employee.

  • Qualified Candidates

    Candidates should be well-qualified for staffing. So they can get more opportunity to work.

  • Save Your Money

    Candidates can save money.

  • Broad Network

    Candidates can make a big and broad network for a long time.

  • Save Your Time

    Candidates can save precious time.

  • Increase Flexibility

    The candidates are free to work according to their flexible time.

  • Improve Productivity

    Candidates can improve their productivity with flexible environment.